JIN JIJI High Proof Gin


Jin JiJi High Proof is inspired by the Royal British Navy who during Colonial times first set a high proof requirement for gin being transported to India. As space is scarce on ships, the Navy preferred alcohol at higher strength as they could get more in a smaller space. A strength of 57% ensures that gunpowder isn’t contaminated in case of a spill.

A high proof gin will hold more of the aromatics from the botanicals and result in a more complex gin. Jin Jiji High Proof gin fits with a contemporary attitude to use higher proof spirits in cocktails for fuller flavor by adding weight and intensity.

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Tasting Notes

: Aromatic notes of juicy berries, sweet floral chamomile with herbal undertone.

Palate : Starts with a kick of juicy berries followed with surprise of creaminess of freshly plucked Tulsi with hints of floral honey.

Finish : warm and creamy lingering light sweet herbal notes.

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