HELLYERS ROAD 14 ans 2007 Original American Oak Single Cask Antipodes


Located in Burnie on the northern coast of Tasmania, the Hellyers Road distillery only uses locally grown barley from Joe White Maltings. Its spring water is sourced from Cape Grim, the most northerly part of the island, and is considered one of the purest in the world. And ‘pure’ is exactly the word that comes to mind when it comes to describing the palette of flavours and aromas found on this outstanding Hellyers Road. Slender and dynamic could also be used to introduce this version, whose radiant minerality is the antithesis of the Hellyers Road 19 Year Old 2003 (cask 3184.02) found in the 2023 creation catalogue.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Golden yellow.

Nose : Refined, distinguished. The very ethereal first nose reveals truly fantastic aromas of apple, white flowers (lily), varnish, cardamom and lychee. At times creating a striking parallel with an American whiskey, the nose expresses notes of nutmeg, beeswax and fresh fig once allowed to breathe. Then, with the same power of expression, vegetal fragrances of grape stalk unmistakably bring to mind a Champagne ma

Palate : Lively, invigorating. Continuing on perfectly from the nose, the attack has the same fibrous texture (stalk) of the aroma palette… Outstanding! It is also characterised by notes of plantain banana, aromatic plants (sage, camomile) and heady florals (broom, mimosa). Covered in a fine layer of liquorice, the mid-palate is heady (vetiver, honeysuckle, hawthorn) and balsamic (pine, cedar). The end of the palate wavers between flavours of Mirabelle plum, quince and, once again, fresh fig.

Finish : Long, dynamic. The very delicately chocolate start of the finish is also spicy (star anise, coriander, nutmeg). Next, very intense notes of lime bring lots of vitality to the end of the finish. The lush and luxurious retro-nasal olfaction then ventures into the world of decorative plants (yucca, fern, ficus). The mineral empty glass (clay) is also empyreumatic (tarmac, turpentine), exotic (very ripe banana) and deeply malty.

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