COMPASS BOX ARTIST #11 Pentalogy Wisdom


Scotland, Blended Whisky – 50.1%, 70cl Limited edition of 654 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Produced primarily from a Highland blended malt, Wisdom also includes two vintages from the same Lowland single grain and a small percentage of blended scotch. Glowing with floral and herbaceous freshness, deliciously honeyed, fruity and gently spiced, this version also reveals a palette of aromas and flavours that combines both youthful spirit and… wisdom.


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Tasting Notes

Colour : Coppery.

Nose : Full-bodied, refined. On the first nose, dried apricot, lime blossom honey, praline, toffee and orange zest contrast with dark chocolate, peppermint and beeswax. Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette becomes more medicinal (ointment), floral (lavender, violet, iris) and even more chocolatey. Grilled walnut, moss and dried leaves (bay leaf) highlight not only the maturity of the expression but also its remarkable complexity.

Palate : Lively yet creamy. On the attack, toffee, quince jelly, chestnut liqueur and citrus fruit (orange, mandarin) coat the taste buds in their tangy and syrupy tones. Magnificent! The spicy (cinnamon, ginger) and liquorice mid-palate releases wonderfully noble woody flavours (sandalwood, spruce). At the end of the palate, cocoa powder spreads across the edges of the mouth.

Finish : Long, rich. The incredibly smooth finish is inseparable from the end of the palate. Red fruits (raspberry, strawberry), rosemary, pistachio and verbena come together in complete harmony. On the retro-nasal olfaction, notes of orange blossom, chervil and toffee further enhance the flavour palette. The remarkably intense empty glass is powdery (cocoa), floral (hyacinth), spicy (cinnamon) and praline.

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