COGNAC VAUDON 1996 Single Cask TTG 3.0


In our 2018 Creation Catalog, we had selected a particularly smooth blend from the combination of two vintages (78 & 80). This year, we invite you to discover a vintage from 1996, where the three tasting stages could stand on their own due to their distinctiveness. The nobly woody character of the aroma is met by a delicate minerality on the palate, and the finish reveals a splendid maturity of depth. Not hesitating to venture off the beaten path, it has taken the twisted paths cherished by Pierre Vaudon, the owner of this renowned Cognac house, to find its own harmony.

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Tasting Notes

: Generous, refined. The initial aroma is marked by exquisite notes of precious wood, beeswax, apricot, quince, dark chocolate, licorice, and bourbon vanilla. Upon airing, it becomes medicinal (balm, mustard plaster) and floral (lime blossom, gardenia). Over time, it unveils increasing resinous (pine, cedar) and pastry-like (cake, Paris-Brest) qualities.

Palate : Rich, full-bodied. The mouthfeel is particularly silky, reminiscent of the skin of a white peach. Full of vitality, the initial taste reveals remarkable youthful expression. Uncompromising, it showcases the exceptional quality of an extraordinary distillate and the grandeur of a magnificent terroir. Salivating with salinity, it is abundant with mineral salts. Its minerality lifts entire blocks of limestone.

Finish : Long, concentrated. Cinnamon and toffee immediately coat the taste buds. Then, these tertiary tones gradually give way to even more mature flavors (dark chocolate, mushrooms, mousse). Delightfully tannic (grape skins, fig, date), the retro-olfaction is both juicy and earthy. The empty glass carries hints of vanilla, vegetation (coriander), spices (star anise), and exotic notes (mango, kaffir lime).

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