CHICHIBU 2013 Single Cask Sherry Oloroso LMDW Cellar Book


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Created in 2008, Japanese single malt whisky Chichibu is already well known to Japanese whisky enthusiasts as well as whisky connoisseurs in general. Produced entirely at its distillery, and soon for certain cuvées using local barley and peat, and even Japanese oak, Chichibu is on its way to becoming the first 100% Japanese whisky, thanks to the efforts of its creator, Ichiro Akuto. Fermented in mizunara (a highly sought-after variety of Japanese oak for whisky) and distilled in small stills, the liquid collected is surprising in its maturity and complexity, even at a very young age. A true artisanal whisky.

Particularly evocative, this version masterfully demonstrates that sherry is a perfect match for Chichibu. The notes of nuts, coffee, chocolate, gingerbread, pipe tobacco, Corinth raisins, and cardamom tea that emanate from the aromatic and taste palette are there to testify. Equally evocative is the way in which the malted barley was able to resist Andalusian assaults and maintain its rightful place. This Homeric struggle has given birth to a complicity of all moments and a succession of images that are stronger than the others and all for the greatest pleasure of the taster.

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Tasting Notes

: Powerful, wide. Very concentrated, the first nose is marked by characteristic sherry notes (roasted nuts, apricot, coffee, chocolate), by strong spices (cloves, nutmeg), by aromatic plants (lemon verbena, sage) and by heady flowers (lilies, aroma). Gradually, a malted barley with chocolate and pastry accents confidently envelops the olfactory palette. With aeration, fragrances of gingerbread, pipe tobacco, and alfalfa spread in a particularly heady atmosphere.

Palate : Lively, full of character. On the attack in the mouth, sherry wine and malted barley play on equal footing. Thus, porridge notes match perfectly with orange peel, candied apricots, freshly cut grass, and wildflowers. Then, in the mid-palate, Corinth raisins, figs, and nuts fall literally on the palate. The shock wave that ensues gives birth to acacia honey, black fruits, toffee and a note of incense. Magnificent.

Finish : Long, suave. Refreshing, it proposes to savor cardamom tea or milky coffee. Then, malted barley escapes from burlap bags to spread over a floor covered with grapes in the process of dehydration. This strong image is immortalized by a retro-olfaction also spicy and chocolate. The empty glass strongly persuades us to return to the first olfactory sensations perceived.

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