CHÂTEAU DE GAUBE 1972 Version Française Antipodes


Independent bottler Baron de Lustrac in Magnan selected this version from the cellars of Château de Gaube. At 50 years of age, the aromas on this Armagnac reveal an astoundingly noble expression, with each note interweaving with one another in incredible harmony. The invigorating fruity freshness of the flavour palette then gradually develops increasingly mature registers imbued with both classicism and exoticism.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Burnished gold with copper tinges.

Nose : Refined, deep. Full of finesse, the first nose reveals sumptuous aromas of heady florals (hyacinth, iris, lily), candied citrus fruit (mandarin, orange) and dried fruit and nuts (date, fig, cashew nut). Allowed to breathe, noble spices (cardamom, saffron) and notes of exotic fruit (mango, guava), clove and toffee seize the air. The empyreumatic aroma palette gradually reveals fragrances of zan liquorice sweets, flambeed banana and apricot stone.

Palate : Lively, energetic. The amazingly fresh attack is also extremely slender. Nuts (hazelnut, chestnut, walnut), fresh fruits (Mirabelle plum, plum) and infused plants (lime blossom, camomile) take it in turn to make their entrance. On the mid-palate, lemons and oranges release their tangy juice onto the flavour palette. The invigorating end of the palate reveals a very subtle combination of vanilla and dark chocolate.

Finish : Long, silky. The delicately tannic start of the finish is powdery (cocoa, grated ginger), infused (tea with milk and cardamom) and heady (vine flower). At the end of the finish, flavours of apricot and prune highlight the flavour palette’s maturity. The retro-nasal olfaction brings back the exotic fruits from the nose (mango, guava). The empty glass is praline, slightly camphoric and very finely woody.

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