CARONI 15 ans


Started in 1918, the state distillery of Trinidad Caroni, had its own sugar factory to ensure its supply of local sugar cane. In particular, until 2002 she developed “heavy rums” with a remarkable and singular style. Only rarely producing bottlings under its own label, the distillery has long remained the prerogative of a few connoisseurs. Its closure, decided by the Trinidadian government in 2002, only accentuated the aura of its rums. In 2004, the discovery of hundreds of barrels stored in Trinidad gave rise to the joint purchase by the companies Velier and La Maison du Whiskey of the Caroni stock and the bottling of a few cult vintages, offered in limited editions, as well as the Caroni 15 years old, new and historical version.

This version shows us Caroni in an unusual light. Indeed, if the oily notes characteristic of this rum are present, they are much more subdued and furtive than usual. This allows us to revel in all the fruit, all the honey and all the flowers it abounds in and to admire the finesse of its wood in complete serenity.

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Tasting Notes

: Aromas of tropical fruit, such as mango, papaya, and pineapple, as well as hints of vanilla and oak. It may also have a subtle, spicy character.

Palate : Flavors of tropical fruit, vanilla, and oak, as well as a smooth, full-bodied texture. It may also have a slightly sweet and spicy character.

Finish : Long and smooth, with the flavors of tropical fruit and oak slowly fading away. Overall, Caroni 15 year old is likely to be a rich, mellow rum with a complex flavor profile and a smooth, long finish. It is made using 100% Trinidadian molasses and is a high-quality rum that is prized for its flavor and character. The extra aging time compared to the 12 year old version may result in additional depth and complexity in the flavors of the rum.

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