CAPOVILLA Grappa di Moscato Giallo


A grappa made from grapes of the Moscato Giallo variety – a grape that is part of many wines from the northeast of the country, particularly the DOC Alto Adige, Friuli Isonzo, and Trentino.

Distilled by the master Gianni Capovilla in his bain-marie stills around the town of Bassano, Grappa di Moscato Giallo is a concentrated and resinous spirit, marked by notes of fruit (lemon, Williams pear) and flower (hyacinth).

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Tasting Notes

: Concentrated, rich. Its fibrous and resinous profile is brimming with fruits at their peak concentration, grapefruit, lemon, crisp Williams pear, white peach, and heady white flowers, lily of the valley, hyacinth.

Palate : Delicately fragrant (hyacinth, hollyhock). Its fruits scatter all over the palate. In their wake are lovely menthol and herbal notes (sage, rosemary). The taste buds are constantly on alert, ready for new discoveries.

Finish : Long, wine-like. The grape grain bursts, its bitterness is finely licorice-like, its flesh is crisp, its tannins are downy. The retro-olfaction is heady. The empty glass has lemony and slightly camphorated notes.

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