CAOL ILA 10 ans 2010 COLLECTIVE 5.0


Following in the footsteps of the superb 2012 Caol Ila from our 2021 French Connections Creation Catalog, this version highlights the beautiful complexity that has developed between peated malted barley and sherry wine. To better highlight this connivance, it is with a lot of rhythm that its aromatic and gustatory palette deploys very pretty fruity, chocolate, malty, iodized, smoky, peaty, spicy or even floral sequences.

Complex, peaty. Raisin, smoked, pepper, nuts.

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Color: orange copper. Nose: full , smooth. On the first nose, notes of apricot, brandy cherry, white peach and raisins relegate to the background aromas of malted barley, iodine, smoke and dry peat. Quickly, however, the debates became balanced. After aeration, pepper, salted butter caramel, chocolate, oranges and heady flowers (hyacinth, peony) bring a lot of refinement to the aromatic palette.
Palate: straight, precise. On the palate, camphor, ash and peat turned root (gentian) rub shoulders with milk chocolate, heather honey, quince jelly and apricot coulis. Gradually the chocolate becomes dark (100%). With a superb salivating bitterness, the mid-palate suggests a distillate with lemony and fruity accents (pear). On the back of the palate, sublime scents of honeysuckle and wallflower spread through the air.
Overall: long, full of serenity. Slightly meaty (bacon, leather), the start of the finish is mostly covered with a thin film of ash. The hearth of the fireplace is not far away. In this regard, its minerality is reminiscent of the heat of a refractory brick. On the retro-olfaction, exotic fruits (mango, guava) refresh a resinous (pine, Vosges candy), earthy and balsamic (sherry vinegar) finish. The empty glass is camphoric, spicy (star anise), liquorice and herbaceous (peated malted barley).

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