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Colour: bright gold.

Nose: lively, original. On the first nose, aromas of daffodil, coconut milk and verbena vigorously push back against the assaults of a mineral salt-rich peat and distillate aromas. Allowed to breathe, notes of green olive, liquorice and aniseed are steeped in a diaphanous smoke and lemon aromas.

Palate: powerful, full. Unlike the nose, the attack is characterised by omnipresent notes of oily, earthy, salty, ashy, spicy, chocolatey and herbaceous (cut hay) peat. The remarkably fruity mid-palate (canary melon, grapefruit) gradually becomes delicately creamy and floral (iris, hyacinth). The end of the palate is not only peaty but also especially vanilla.

Finish: long, dense. At the start of the finish, grains of salt cover the same peat that has become even more herbaceous and spicy (black pepper, clove). The empyreumatic end of the finish (sleet, thuja) is like chewing on liquorice stick. On the retro-nasal olfaction, grains of smoky malted barley spread across the tongue. Right at this moment, the flavour palette is refreshed with succulent aniseed flavours. With its notes of smoked fish and meats, the empty glass adds an animal dimension to the peat.

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Although the distillery itself was founded in 1881, the first peated version of Bunnahabhain was not released until 2004, in the form of a 6 year old nicknamed Moine, which is Gaelic for ‘peat’. Named after the loch located just a short distance from the distillery, this Staoisha opens with a delicate and salty peat, before moving on to a far more compact and earthy peat on the palate. This increase in power is also seen in the floral, fruity, vanilla and aniseed sequences that are abundantly present throughout the tasting.

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