The Maison & Velier Single Palenque Mezcals have finally arrived and are highly sought after for their exceptional taste and unique flavors from Oaxaca. Curated by the expert team at Maison du Whiskey and Velier, these mezcals are bottled as they are found without any adjustments or alterations. These rare agave spirits are not only delicious but also reasonably priced considering the market demand for them. Maison & Velier are dedicated to showcasing the talents and skills of their distillers on each bottle and ensuring fair treatment of them.

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Tasting Notes

: Very deep, the first nose takes its time to reveal notes of lime, salt, pepper and agave that make it up. Once opened, aromas of agave syrup in full fermentation, orange blossom, red fruits (raspberry, strawberry), tobacco and ginger literally burst from the glass

Palate : Marvelously velvety and creamy, the attack on the palate sees the fruits of the aromatic palette release their juices. To this, we must add exotic fruits (banana, pineapple), zan, tobacco and various capricious flowers (iris, hyacinth, geranium).

Finish : Stands firm with the end of the palate before becoming increasingly earthy almost peaty. The retro olfaction is a subtle blend of Williams pear, chocolate and humus.

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