BALLECHIN 18 ans 2003 Conquête


Whether on the nose or on the palate, this version begins each time by highlighting notes of peat, whether they are empyreumatic or oily. Then, with a lot of altruism, these fade away to fully express the floral, chocolate, honey or even fruity registers of an aromatic and gustatory palette particularly concerned with constantly finding the perfect balance between smoke and the rancio of sherry.

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Color: deep old gold.
Nose: both subtle and concentrated. On the first nose, an empyreumatic peat (turpentine, sleet) occupies the entire olfactory space. Then, it becomes floral (tulip, mignonette), chocolatey and magnificently malty. When aired, medicinal fragrances (balm, sinapism) bring a lot of energy to an aromatic palette that unreservedly reveals its deliciously honeyed, vanilla, roasted (coffee) and finely caramelized character.
Palate: ample, suave. With great acuity, the attack on the palate features a peat with chocolate, liquorice and oily flavors of remarkable smoothness. In the mid-palate, mineral salts rise to the surface of the palate. Marked by notes of fish and smoked bacon, the aftertaste is also imbued with notes of vanilla, ash (soot) and root (gentian).
Overall: long, robust. At the start of the final, peat and sherry wine engage in a Homeric duel. On the one hand, we find algae, oily soil and intense smoke; on the other, currants, almonds, pineapples and candied lemons. Refusing to play the referee, the retro-olfaction alternates peaty and vinous sequences. As you go, swirls of smoke permeate the ambient atmosphere while flavors of vanilla custard nourish the taste buds. The empty glass is at the same time malty, peaty, root (ginseng), animal (leather) and spicy (ginger, cloves).

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