BALLECHIN 10 ans 2013 Bourbon Barrel New Vibrations


In 2022, the production of the Edradour distillery reached 191,000 liters of pure alcohol, of which approximately 4,500 liters of pure alcohol were dedicated to the peated single malt it has been crafting since 2002, Ballechin. Displaying a phenol content of 50 ppm, it has nothing to envy from the most famous of its counterparts on the Isle of Islay. Perfectly embodying the “Ballechin” style, this version evolves to the rhythm of omnipresent peat. Additionally, deeply malted, its aromatic and gustatory palette elegantly showcases superb floral and fruity tones.

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Tasting Notes

: Vivid gold.

Nose : Generous, dense. Revealing an oily, earthy, and saline peat (mineral salts), the initial scent is remarkably profound. Upon aeration, floral notes (lavender, lilac, gladiolus) add a heady dimension to the aromatic palette, invaded by intense smoke.

Palate : Both lively and smooth. In the mouth, the peat displays intensely vanilla nuances right from the start. Mineral (charcoal) and peppery, the mid-palate reveals flavors of white fruits (mirabelle plum, pear, prune). The finish is refreshed by a pleasant malty bitterness.

Finish : Long, slightly tannic. Marked by bourbon vanilla notes, the start of the finish quickly becomes ashy, rooty (gentian), and spicy (star anise). Suggestive, the aftertaste conjures an area of malting where creamy scents of moistened barley grains escape. The retro olfaction is animalistic (bacon).

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