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The Ardbeg distillery produces the most peaty single malt in Scotland. In the past, the lack of ventilation in the malt drying kilns retained peat smoke, thus explaining the very peaty character of its single malt. Ardbeg single malts combine a rusticity full of charm with great finesse and a great wealth of expression worthy of the best whiskies. The real frenzy of connoisseurs for each of the expressions of Ardbeg whisky means that its production is almost entirely dedicated to its single malt and not to blends.

Get ready for the arrival of the latest whisky from Ardbeg: ARDCORE!! This bottling is the new limited edition from the distillery, launched on the occasion of the famous ARDBEG DAY, which will take place on June 4th. The Ardbeg Ardcore is nicknamed Punk Rock, a reference to the forgotten Punk Ellen nickname for the port of Islay and intended to connect to the island’s punk past. The character of this year’s festival should therefore be punk and feature appropriate live music. Aged in ex-bourbon barrels, Ardcore is a real innovation in the world of single malts since it is based on the distillation of black malt, rather than an aging experience in a barrel. To obtain a black malt (black malt), the cereal is cooked at a very high temperature so that the malt becomes roasted, a bit like a coffee or cocoa bean. Drying must therefore be closely monitored! If the temperature exceeds 250°C, the malt can turn into charcoal and catch fire.

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Tasting Notes

: Spicy and savory with notes of burnt toasted bread, wood charcoal, chicory, and infused coffee grounds. The typical grassy and fennel note of Ardbeg is present but is dominated by swirling notes of wood fire smoke and molasses.

Palate : Surprising, spicy, and ardent leading to an explosion of rich and powerful flavors of cocoa powder, intense dark chocolate, peanut butter caramel, smoked lime, and a hint of soot and wood fire embers.

Finish : Lots of licorice and anise balanced by sweeter and malted biscuit notes, giving way to long and persistent notes of molasses caramel.



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