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Founded in 1655 as a sugar plantation, The Appleton Estate began producing rum in 1749, making it the oldest continuously operating rum distillery in Jamaica. The Appleton Estate Special, the flagship product of the estate, was created during World War II in response to a shortage of whisky on the island. Over the decades, the distillery has survived various crises thanks to its independent supply of sugarcane. In 1997, the Appleton Estate was a trailblazer by naming Joy Spence, the first woman in the rum industry to hold such a position, as Master Blender. Highly regarded by experts, The Appleton Estate regularly wins awards for the consistent quality of its production.

The Hearts Collection is a very rare and limited collection of three 100% pot-still rums that were selected by the legendary Master Blender Joy Spence from the barrels of Appleton Estate. The range includes three vintages that embody the excellence of Appleton Estate: 1994, 1995, and 1999. This is the first time in the history of the distillery that it has bottled 100% pot-still rums. This achievement was made possible by the perseverance of a man, Luca Gargano, co-bottler of this magnificent range.

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: The Appleton 21-year-old 1999 Hearts Collection has a rich and complex aroma, with notes of dried fruit such as raisins and figs, as well as toasted oak, caramel, and dark chocolate. The nose also reveals a hint of vanilla and a subtle hint of spice.

Palate : On the palate, the rum is smooth and velvety, with a balance of sweetness and oak. The flavors of dried fruit, toasted oak, caramel, dark chocolate, and vanilla are present, along with a subtle hint of spice.

Finish : The finish is long and warming, with a pleasant balance of sweetness and oak. The flavors of dried fruit, dark chocolate, and vanilla linger on the palate, leaving a satisfying and smooth aftertaste.

In general, the Appleton 21-year-old 1999 Hearts Collection is a very complex and sophisticated rum, with a rich and nuanced flavor profile that is perfect for sipping or for use in cocktails that require an aged and premium rum. Similar to the previous ones, this rum has a balance of dried fruit, vanilla, chocolate and oak notes, with a slightly different emphasis on the fruit notes.

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