ANTIGUA 7 ans 2015 High Congener Nectar


This rum was distilled in Antigua in 2015 and aged for 7 years. Since its founding in 2006, The Nectar, a Belgian independent bottler, has been searching for the best spirits to share with professionals and the general public. Initially focused on whiskies of all origins, their passion has since expanded to other spirits, rum, armagnac, cognac, and more recently calvados and grappa.

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Tasting Notes

: A more atypical profile for the distillery, almost ‘Guyanese’, with more straightforwardness and woodiness than usual. There is dry oak, coconut, and roasted tonka bean. All sublimated by a frank note of blond tobacco and ash. On aeration, tropical fruits come in a compote form.

Palate : More in a ‘Barbadian’ register with vanilla, this coconut again and some candied tropical fruits.

Finish : All in verticality and strength, the woodiness and vegetal notes return with a fine and creamy note of asphalt tar and a hint of burnt caramel.

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