Widow Jane 10 YO


While Widow Jane’s straight bourbon whiskeys made from heirloom corn varieties reach peak maturity, Daniel Preston and his team carefully select high-rye bourbons from a famous undisclosed distillery in Kentucky. This 10 year old whiskey is aged well, drinking like a well-structured 20 year old bourbon with deep cherry notes and a light tannic finish.

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Widow Jane Distillery was founded in 2014 in Brooklyn by Daniel Preston. “craft” has been used to describe everything and anything but according to Widow Jane’s founder, craft means using the best possible ingredients, employing innovative methods and cutting no corners all in the aim of crafting a superior product. In Daniel’s case, the superior products are his Widow Jane whiskeys and bourbons that have won countless awards and garnered a fanatical following among the high end spirit cognoscenti.

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