WEST WINDS GIN Wild Plum Sipping Gin


The Wild Plum is our native twist on the popular Sloe Gin style.

The Name comes from the use of two different plums, the Native Australian Davidson Plum and Sloe Berries, which are technically plums. The gins big flavour come from the combination of these two fruit.

We first built a completely new gin. With the knowledge that this gin was eventually going to be flavoured we wanted to built a gin that earthy and warm. Starting with a sound base of Juniper, Liquorice root and Angelica Root we add Native Australian Anise Myrtle and Orange Peel. This be Anise and Orange combination gives the gin a great warmth. After we made the gin we infused it with Australian Davidson Plum and Sloe Berries. The Davidson plums bring a beautiful sour stone fruit note, while the sloe berries fortify the fruit flavour with stewed fruit character. We allow the fruit to steep for 3 months, enough time to extract the beautiful fresh flavours, but not long enough to lead to those astringent notes. To finish we lightly sweeten the gin with Banksia Honey from the Swan Valley to lift the fruit characters and give it some sweetness.

Made with Native Davidson Plums and Sloe berries, the gin has been designed to have a warm and earthy backbone to support these unique Australian flavours. With its tart finish coming from the Davidson Plums, you’ll also discover a cozy sweetness thanks to Banksia Honey and sloe berries, all perfectly balanced out with robust Citrus notes.

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