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Created by Scottish designer Raymond Davidson, The Glencairn Glass is the first whisky glass to have been launched on the international market in 2001, aimed at non-professional drinkers. Drawing inspiration from the shape of the “copita” and INAO glasses used by master blenders, the Glencairn glass provides ample space for the release of aromas, while its tulip shape allows them to be concentrated at the top for full appreciation of the complexity. With a capacity of approximately 175 ml (comfortably accommodating around 50 ml of whisky), this glass has a sturdy base that gives it excellent durability. In short, an ideal glass for daily whisky tasting.

It is not uncommon to find a red version of the Glencairn Glass engraved with the wording “TEELING WHISKEY” on it, as it has been specifically designed to showcase the flavors of the famous Irish whiskey brand.

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