STRATHISLA 2012 AGED 10 ARTIST #12 Legendary Distilleries


This young Speyside malt is one of five versions in this unprecedented Artist range. After the collections #10 in the French Connections catalogue dedi cated to world whisky and #11 in the A La Conquête des Origines catalogue dedicated to Compass Box blends, for the first time this range pays tribute to a single distillery — Strathisla. With remarkable crystal-clear purity, this single cask stands out as much for its fresh expression as for its depth and complexity. With a drop of water, it even takes on a chocolatey smoothness until then hidden in the far reaches of its flavour and aroma palette.

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bright gold.

Nose: rich, concentrated. The slightly medicinal (ointment), liquorice, spicy (pepper) and creamy (coconut milky) first nose is also vanilla and herbaceous (green barley, cut hay). Allowed to breathe, heady fragrances (iris, mimosa) and stronger spices (nutmeg, clove) pepper a beautiful vegetal (rush, bamboo), fermentary (cooked barley, porridge), lemony and fruity (pear, pineapple) sequence. Superb!

Palate: lively, dynamic. The very slender attack is herbaceous (green barley), vanilla and exotic (pineapple, banana). On the midpalate, milky flavours (almond, coconut) and aniseed notes form an extremely harmonious ensemble. At the end of the palate, candied lemon and aromatic plants (sage, verbena) refresh the palate. Even later, barley grains roll abundantly across the tongue.

Finish: long, well-balanced. The finely liquorice start of the finish is like an extremely lush (meadow, clover, dandelion) rustic spring landscape. At the end of the finish, new fruits appear (gooseberry, white redcurrant, pippin apple). The mineral retro-nasal olfaction (chalk) returns to the green and medicinal notes from the first nose (mustard poultice, plaster). The empty glass is flooded with fragrances of lime blossom, fresh coriander, jasmine and candied fruit (pear, lemon).

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