STRATHISLA 1997 AGED 25 ARTIST #12 Legendary Distilleries


The Strathisla distillery is equipped with 10 washbacks (seven in Oregon pine, three in larch wood) and four small stills — two lantern-shaped wash stills and two boil ball spirits stills with wide swan necks — and has a production capacity of 2.45 million litres of pure alcohol per year. Constantly refreshed with particularly juicy fruit notes and very distinguished herbaceous and floral notes, this version’s aroma and flavour palette also develops at the pace of the far more candied, medicinal, spicy and rooty sequences that have shaped its deeply entrenched character.

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bright gold.

Nose: fresh, subtle. The floral (lilac, lily, lily of the valley), herbaceous (cut hay, straw, mint), lemony and vanilla first nose develops pleasantly fruity (William’s pear, Golden Delicious apple) and exotic (banana, star fruit) registers. Allowed to breathe, numerous aromatic plants (rosemary, tarragon, marjoram), lavender honey and sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger) mix together harmoniously. The increasingly milky aroma palette is like a rhubarb and milk tart.

Palate: clean, lively. At first glance heady (jasmine, iris), the attack quickly develops a very fresh fruity register. Whole bunches of white grapes release a deliciously tangy juicy across the edge of the palate. On the mid-palate, vanilla pod, candied lemon and peat draw out the pleasant sensation of fullness emanating from the flavour palette. The end of the palate adds flavours of cut grass and sweet almond.

Finish: long, ethereal. An expert mix of liquorice, lemon, exotic fruit (banana, pineapple, passion fruit) and vanilla, the start of the finish is amazingly elegant. At the end of the finish, medicinal (ointment, mustard poultice), herbaceous (clover, lucerne, white mint) and spicy (clove, fresh ginger) flavours bring the palate lots of energy. The vanilla and cinnamon-sprinkled retro-nasal olfaction returns to the lemony notes from the first nose. The empty glass is aniseedy, camphoric, spicy (star anise) and rooty (gentian).

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