ST-GERMAIN Liqueur de Sureau


Crafted from wild elderflowers hand-picked in Europe at the onset of spring, St Germain is a creation of American distiller Robert Cooper. From start to finish, the elderflower not only takes the lead role but also highlights a plethora of aromas and flavors that provide a lot of contrast to this enchanting liqueur.

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: Fine, elegant. Particularly fruity (mango, passion fruit), it evolves into citrus (pink grapefruit), green mint, and linden. Then, the main actress takes the stage: elderflower accompanied by red fruits (blueberry, wild strawberry).

Palate : Delightfully smooth. This time, elderflower takes center stage. Citrus (lemon) and exotic fruits (pineapple, lychee) are in the background. Each flavor has become more syrupy. It extends into notes of dark chocolate and juicy orange.

Finish : Long, reminiscent of other liqueurs (vineyard peach, blackcurrant cream). Then, heady flowers (peony, lavender) precede notes of hazelnut, coconut milk, and passion fruit. Intense, the empty glass is a subtle blend of white-fleshed fruits (peach, pear) and exotic fruit yogurt.

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