REMI LANDIER Heritage Artisanal – Coupe No2


The aromatic palette of this very old Cognac from the Fins Bois terroir of the Rémi Landier house raises many questions.

Not about its quality, which is undeniably remarkable, but because it stubbornly refuses to choose between this or that direction, preferring to let the taster decide.

It should be noted that the palate provides some answers that prove to be very relevant.

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Tasting Notes

: Both delicate and highly fragrant. Whether it’s flowers (lily, wallflower), fruits (raspberry, prune), aromatic plants (lime, sage), vanilla and chocolate combined, or spices (coriander, dill), who will prevail? For now, no one. This demonstrates the remarkable balance shown by this cuvée named “Heritage”.

Palate : Rather lively, almost sharp. The palate attack evokes a licorice stick coated with acacia honey. This sweet/bitter ratio is very interesting. The mid-palate offers us the taste of quince jelly and wild strawberries. Here again, this combination is a perfect match. As it progresses, it becomes more vegetal and herbaceous before returning to fruity territory (pear, mirabelle plum).

Finish : Long, indulgent. Velvety tannins have taken over the palate. They disintegrate into a fine dust composed of precious woods, cinnamon, and ginger. Some exotic fruits (passion fruit, persimmon, guava) give it a lot of momentum and personality. The retro olfaction is marked by pipe tobacco, and the empty glass evokes the scents of grape flowers.

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