POTOCKI Lithuanian Tallgrass – 60 ans LMDW

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Alongside its rye vodkas, the Potocki family has been distilling this version known as ‘Lithuanian Tailgrass’ since 1944, macerating the freshly picked grass in order to preserve all of its aromas. Boasting with beautiful vegetal freshness and a remarkable vanilla-scented sweetness, this vodka moves from aromatic to gustatory palette with a unique creaminess and extreme harmony, with the palate layering on veils of spices before an increasingly roasted finish.

Pale yellow. Notes of fresh grass, lemon and anise lend the initial nose generous helpings of freshness and vivaciousness. Juicier citrus fruits (orange, tangerine) and sweet spices (cumin, cinnamon) then make their entrance. The attack on the palate is an extension of this aromatic palette, featuring new spices (pepper, star anise) feeding in to an open and willing palate. Particularly voluptuous, the vanilla-scented effect at the end of the palate lets freshly picked herbs take centre stage alongside roasted notes (coffee, toasted hazelnuts).

Limited edition of 2160 bottles
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