OCHO 2023 Reposado – San Jeronimo


Produced slowly, using traditional methods, Ocho is the first tequila to indicate the vintage and exact field of origin of the harvested agaves. Each batch comes from a different field or “Rancho” with its own regional characteristics.

The San Jeronimo field is located about 8 km from Arandas, Jalisco, near the old dirt road leading to the small town of Santiaguito de Velazquez.

The terrain of this field is slightly hilly and rocky, with deep soil, average fertility, and the typical rust-red color of highlands; The San Jeronimo ranch is exclusively dedicated to agave cultivation and is surrounded by other fields filled with agave of various ages.

It is exposed to full sunlight, with barely a few trees around to provide shade. At the time of harvest, approximately 1,200 tons of extremely ripe agaves (pinto) were obtained for this vintage of Tequila Ocho, with an average weight of nearly 36.3 pounds per piña and a very high average sugar content of 32%.

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Tasting Notes

: Cooked agave, honey.

Palate : Ripe figs, earthy-mineral note on the finish. One of the sweetest reposados we’ve ever had!

Finish : Spices, sweet cinnamon.

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