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Produced slowly, using traditional methods, Ocho is the first tequila to indicate the vintage and exact field of origin of the harvested agaves. Each batch comes from a field or “Rancho.”

This second version of Tequila Ocho Puntas, overproof at 53%, is a tequila for connoisseurs who appreciate the essence of the agave plant. It features a liquid of masterful complexity, hand-selected by the master distiller.

Historically, “Puntas” of agave spirits have long been considered the most coveted. That’s why this part of the distillate is traditionally set aside by the producer, who reserves it personally to be enjoyed with friends and family on special occasions.

The Puntas are a very small “cut” of the distillate, at the end of the “heads” and the beginning of the “heart.” This “Distiller’s Cut” comes out of the still at 64% and is reduced to 53%. At this strength, there is an extremely pleasant and powerful aromatic concentration, perfect for sipping neat.

This vintage of Puntas 2023 uses agaves harvested earlier this year at Rancho Mesa Colorada, a domain located 28 km from the Los Alambiques distillery.

Its rich characteristic red soil combined with its high altitude and plateau positioning has produced the purest and most mature agave, with a very high sugar content of 33% for the piñas, resulting in a truly exceptional tequila. The 2023 version, following the very first version of Puntas in 2021, is quite special.

Firstly, it’s a high-quality artisanal tequila (hard to find these days) in a booming global tequila market. With even higher potency than the first version, now bottled at 53%.

Secondly, this version has been assembled and hand-selected by a group of the world’s most renowned tequila and agave aficionados and enthusiasts. So many reasons why this Tequila should be tasted with some enthusiasm, as it’s truly one of the great tequilas found on the market today.

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Tasting Notes

: Fresh and herbaceous notes, pine, lemon. Like freshly cut agave.

Palate : Ancho chilies and crushed black pepper. Hint of salted caramel. Almonds.

Finish : Long and complex. Apples, roasted pineapple, clementine. Buttery cocoa.

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