NUSBAUMER Waldkrutter Liqueur de plantes Antipodes


Colour: green.

Nose: fresh and voluptuous. The gently aniseed first nose elegantly reveals notes of verbena, lemon balm, gentian, camomile and hawthorn all closely interwoven with one another. Allowed to breathe, fragrances of peppermint, cut hay and lucerne complete this assortment of green tones with countless shades. Gradually, a fine coating of liquorice binds the aroma palette together. Outstanding!

Palate: full-bodied and creamy. With a huge structure, the attack is refreshed with absolutely delicious flavours of mint water. On the midpalate, notes of lemon balm and wicker add a wonderfully lemony touch. Next, a variety of aromatic plants (verbena, sage) and pine notes gradually increase the luxuriousness of the flavour palette’s surface.

Finish: long, very slightly tannic. The delicate start of the finish is like chewing on fresh mint and sage leaves. At the end of the finish, the plants become infused. At this specific moment, the taster becomes an alchemist. The retro-nasal olfaction is like the refreshing air in a herbalist’s store filled with rare plants and secrets. The empty glass’s chromatic palette wavers between infinitely complex green and yellow shades.

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Produced notably from elderflower brandy, Jos’Berry gin and pine, woodruff, mint and elderflower liqueurs, this Vosges plant liqueur shows just how attached Nusbaumer is to its region’s local traditions. Combining smoothness and vivacity, its palette of aromas and flavours is an uninterrupted maelstrom of herba-ceous and floral sequences whose depths are equalled only by their beauty.

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