NOAH S MILL Small Batch Bourbon


Noah’s Mill Small Batch Bourbon is part of the Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Collection launched in the 90s by the Willett distillery, along with Kentucky Vintage Small Batch Bourbon, Pure Kentucky XO Small Batch Bourbon, and Rowan’s Creek Small Batch Bourbon. The Noah’s Mill bourbon, which means Noah’s Mill, relies on unique craftsmanship and exceptional terroir. It is produced by the Willett family distillery, recognized as one of the most refined in Kentucky. Made from a mashbill composed of 65% corn, 20% wheat, and 15% barley, Noah’s Mill Small Batch Bourbon is a blend of whiskeys of different ages, ranging from 4 to 22 years. It is a small batch refined bourbon, meaning it is a meticulous and very limited selection of barrels within the distillery. The batch number is also indicated on the bottle. Noah’s Mill was conceived as an old-fashioned bourbon, from the time before prohibition, and is a special pleasure for whiskey enthusiasts. It has the particularity of having a high proportion of rye, which brings spicy and fruity aromas to this intense bourbon.

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Tasting Notes

: Noah’s Mill offers a powerful and intense nose; the first aromas that come to us are hazelnut, almond, followed by vanilla, caramel, pastry notes of flambéed banana, and white chocolate. We also appreciate background notes of undergrowth, musk, and black fruits.

Palate : The palate is a delight, both concentrated and very flavorful. It reveals flavors of frangipane, white chocolate, bourbon vanilla, followed by sweet spices and a touch of smoke and candied fruits.

Finish : Very long and very smooth finish. It is worth noting its accessibility and smoothness despite Noah’s Mill’s high alcohol content at 57.2% vol. It almost recalls Blanton’s whiskey but with even more concentration.

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