NARDINI Grappa alla Mandorla


This Grappa alla Mandorla 50%, featuring sweet almond, possesses a natural bittersweetness provided by the almonds and balanced by the addition of cherry eau de vie. Floral on the nose, it allows marzipan and cherry to fully express themselves on the palate, ending on a spiced and lemon meringue high.

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The Nardini family has grown its grape in Bassano del Grappa since 1779, making it both the oldest and most modern grappa distillery in Italy. Enjoying a strong reputation and growing success throughout the world, Nardini grappa is produced from regional grapes and uses a fermentation and steam distillation process that has been perfected over more than seven generations. Grappa is best enjoyed as an after-dinner drink, served with or without chocolate. In a spectacular example of Italian flair, Caffé Corretto involves drinking grappa while also enjoying an espresso. Grappa can also be used in cooking, notably when making desserts, in panna cotta or marinades.

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