MERLET C2 Liqueur de Cognac au Citron


Winegrowers in Saintonge for more than two centuries, the Merlet family installed their first still around 1850, to distil and produce Cognac.
Over the generations, they refined their know-how and produced unique eaux-de-vie characteristic of the Saintonge terroir.
From the alchemy of the copper in the still to that of the oak in the barrels, they combined time to allow their eaux-de-vie to blossom into harmonious Cognacs.
The Cassis plantation in the 1970s was the first diversification of the local wine-growing region. The birth of Crème de Cassis de Saintonge Boisée made it possible to develop a complete range of fruit crèmes, which are famous today.

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Tasting Notes

: Lively and unctuous at the same time. The nose is a definition of lemon. It is also spicy (ginger, liquorice). Harmonious, it develops into acacia honey and coriander.

Palate : A veritable explosion of flavors, the Cognac and the lemons blend instantly. Citrus zest rubs shoulders with vanilla and notes of precious wood.

Finish : Long, tense. Its acidity is citrusy. It is tempered by candied and dried fruits (apricots, mango) tones specific to Cognac.

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