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The word Koch comes from the scientific name of the agave pulquero-Ferox Koch-, the first agave plant that was used to extract the base of a beverage in pre-hispanic Mexico.
Koch is the first variety of agavaceae, the one we call mansor or pulquero that we use for the production of the mexican fermented beverage known as pulque, a sacred drink for the Aztec culture, produced before our contact with Europe.

The birth registration of this beverage also represents the origin of human consumption of the agave plant. Here lies the importance of the name Koch El Mezcal and its meaning. KOCH is a name to a history, an origin, an identity.

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Tasting Notes

: Notes of mushroom followed by fresh spearmint and lemongrass.

Palate : Medium-bodied, with flavors of prune, sweet cucumber and baby arugula leaves.

Finish : Savory with notes of cured meat and pickling juice satisfying!

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