KARUIZAWA 1978 Cask 8383 Vintage Label


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Karuizawa distillery was built in 1955 in the city of the same name, in the Nagano prefecture, in the heart of the Japanese Alps. While Japanese whisky generally has a very good reputation, Karuizawa is particularly sought after and appreciated by connoisseurs. Awarded numerous times at international competitions, it is a whisky that owes much of its character to the variety of barley used: “Golden Promise” and to aging in a sherry cask. Since production stopped in 2000, versions have become increasingly rare and prized.

There is no doubt that this Karuizawa would have inspired Giuseppe Arcimboldo when he created his series of paintings entitled The Four Seasons. Indeed, like these famous works of art, this Karuizawa is a fruity, malty, floral, smoky and finely wooded allegory. A vibrant tribute to those who distilled this now mythical single malt until 2000.

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Tasting Notes

: firm, concentrated. Malted barley (Golden Promise) competes with candied fruits (lemon, pear) for beauty and presence, all enveloped in thick smoke. Then it becomes vanilla and creamy (rice pudding, salted caramel). Flowers (carnation, sweet pea) perfume its very heady atmosphere. Notes of straw add to its originality.

Palate : rich, smooth. It delicately places a basket of fruit on a freshly polished table. It contains bananas, apples, white grapes, pears, pineapple and a few oranges. In the middle of the mouth, quince jelly spreads over brioche notes. Later, noble spices appear (cardamom, saffron, nutmeg).

Finish : long, balanced. The smoke of a Havana cigar spreads its deliciously acrid and sweet perfume. Mineral (pencil lead), it becomes licorice-like or almost camphor-like over time. Slightly iodine-like, it occasionally evokes the texture of delicious sushi. A beam of light makes fine particles of dust appear in suspension. The retroolfaction reveals citrus coated with fleur de sel, and the empty glass is intensely malty and oily (olive).

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