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Green Spot Château Montelena is the second edition of the “Wine Geese” series, following Green Spot Château Léoville Barton. This edition of Château Montelena began its maturation in traditional Sherry and Bourbon casks, and then had 12 months of finishing in French oak barrels containing Zinfandel, which came from the prestigious Château Montelena in Napa Valley (California).

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The Green Spot brand was created for the Mitchells, a family of wine merchants that began trading in Dublin in 1805. In 1887, they decided to begin selling and ageing Irish whiskey, sending their empty wine, sherry and port casks to the Bow Street distillery (Jameson), which would fill them and leave them to mature in its cellars for a number of years. The name “Green Spot” was chosen because the Mitchells would mark their casks with green paint once they were fully matured. Over the years, other labels appeared, including a “Blue Spot”, a “Red Spot” and a “Yellow Spot”, but the Green Spot remained the most common.

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