GLEN GRANT 67 ans 1955 Sherry Cask Antipodes Gordon & Macphail


If the Glen Grant 1956 in the À La Conquête des Origines catalogue celebrating La Maison du Whisky’s 65th anniversary set the bar high, the 1955 vintage goes even further, not only in time but also in terms of organoleptics. With breath-taking beauty and exceptional freshness, its flavour and aroma palette very naturally reveals 67 years of a rich history passionately set down, page after page, in the warehouses of Gordon & MacPhail. It also brilliantly illustrates the deep and long-standing complicity that binds the famous Scottish independent bottler and La Maison du Whisky.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Mahogany with glints of green.

Nose : Lively and well-developed. Beaming with maturity, the first nose reveals fragrances of mango, apricot, sandalwood, Emery cloth and blood orange. Allowed to breathe, walnut stain, curry, ganache and passion fruit pair together with sublime floral (reseda, lime blossom, jasmine), spicy (pink peppercorn, cardamom, saffron), oxidative (old sherry, beeswax) and powdery (cocoa, ginger) aromas.

Palate : Invigorating and delicate. The moving attack is impressively fresh. Infused bay leaves and apricot and mango flesh softly envelop the taste buds. The chocolatey mid-palate expresses a rare maturity characterised by notes of incense, rosewood, very ripe exotic fruits (banana, pineapple), botrytized grape and leather. In unison, the end of the palate ventures into the world of red and black fruits (strawberry, raspberry, bramble, blackcurrant). Outstanding!

Finish : Long, sensual. The particularly subtle start of the finish evokes the velvety texture of wild peach skin while a delicious malty and chocolatey bitterness softly coats the taste buds. At the end of the finish, flavours of zan liquorice sweets, crème brûlée and bourbon vanilla create a break in the tasting. Fresh fig and date bring lots of smoothness to the retro-nasal olfaction, which is refreshed with diverse infusions (camomile, marjoram) and a milky cardamom tea. The end of the finish plunges us into the heart of a deep forest from which autumnal scents of forest floor escape. The empty glass is chocolatey, liquoricey, spiritual (incense), camphoric, tarry (pipe tobacco) and floral (iris, gladiolus).

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