DEL PROFESSORE Vermouth Bianco


Created from the blending of herbs and spices with a wine from the Moscato delle Langhe appellation, Del Professore Bianco is a pure olfactory and gustatory gem. Its magnificent label adorned with numerous gold medals is a work of art in itself. In the text: “Vermouth Pure Vintage, Del Professore, Antica Ricetta, Vecchio Opificio, Il Vermouth di una volta”. Exceptional.

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Tasting Notes

: Ample, powerful. A touch medicinal and licorice, its fruits are almost liqueur-like (apricot, raisin). Then, aromatic plants and candied citrus (lemon, orange) rise to the surface. It gradually reveals exoticism (banana, pineapple).

Palate : Voluptuous, even in its bitterness. This serves as its backbone. It gains power to become impressively mature. Its “old-fashioned” style is stripped of all superfluous elements. It is nourished by its balance of sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, and acidity. The fruits triumph with their roasted character.

Finish : Long, intense. The quality of its fruitiness continues to be exceptional. Of incredible depth, the last sugars are released like an ice wine. Perfect, it shines with its freedom of expression. The empty glass restores the membrane of the grapes.

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