DEL MAGUEY Wild Tepextate


Del Maguey is a collection of fine, rare, and unblended mezcals distilled by families in the state of Oaxaca. Each mezcal bears the name of the village where it is produced. Distillation takes place in copper or clay stills heated with wood fire. Del Maguey can claim over 400 years of tradition. All products are certified “organic”. Tradition, Culture, and Family are key values for Del Maguey. The brand seeks to reveal the work of exceptional people who create a unique product in the world. Each bottle in the range has a story that sets it apart; a location, a variety of agave, or a particular aging. Del Maguey succeeds in marrying all its references and delivers the perfect aromatic palette of the agave.

Made from a single wild agave variety called Tepextate, this single village mezcal is full of rusticity. From the first nose aromas to those of the empty glass, it naturally and forcefully conveys the full power of the terroir on which these agaves grew freely. One delights in the underlying finesse.

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Tasting Notes

: Rich, concentrated. Behind an intransigent mineral (petroleum, shale), hides a heart of tender agave and ripe fruits (pear, apple). Soon after, it is the turn of citrus (lime) and salt to make their appearance. The whole is chiseled. Pepper and slate notes punctuate the nose.

Palate : Typical, dense. At first, one delights in the peppery and salty notes of the agave. Then, a vanilla note takes possession of the middle of the palate. Come white flowers, citrus, fresh and exotic fruits (pineapple, lychee). Its blue and mineral character (slate) becomes more and more pronounced.

Finish : Long, full of temperament. Sweet spices (cinnamon, star anise, cumin), white mint, curry, straw, and iris concrete, that’s what the heady finish offers. The retro-olfaction pays homage to the agave and the empty glass returns to the intransigence of the nose.

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