DEL MAGUEY Santo Domingo Albarradas

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Created in 1996, Santo Domingo Albarradas mezcal is produced in the village of the same name, a small hamlet located in the Mixe region, an area south of Oaxaca where the climate is strongly reminiscent of Hawaii. Very “Del Maguey” in spirit, it actually ventures off the beaten path to impose its personality, which is quite far removed from classic mezcal standards most of the time. Rest assured, in the finish and aftertaste, citrus, pepper, and salt have regained their prominent places for aficionados.

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Tasting Notes

: Fresh, original. The nose immediately brings star anise and cumin to the forefront. Only salt notes make one think of mezcal. Once these moments of surprise have passed, agave milk restores order. Then, just as it arrives, green licorice fades to make way for lime and yellow lemons. The whole is very dynamic.

Palate : Full, fine. In turn, it causes confusion by first taking on unusual notes of mustard seed and mint. Moreover, the aniseed mid-palate sees gentian roots looming on the horizon. Its bitterness is particularly salivating. The inherent mezcal ingredients, i.e. salt, pepper, and citrus, only arrive in the finish.

Finish : Long, rich. This time, there is no doubt that we are tasting an excellent mezcal. Candied lemons and sweet oranges mingle with notes of green apple and fleur de sel. The retro-olfaction is chocolatey and floral (agave flower). The empty glass is milky and herbaceous (tobacco) and also reveals notes of artichoke bottom.

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