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Minero is produced in the village of Santa Catarina Minas, a small hamlet located an hour from Chichicapa on the other side of the mountains. One of the peculiarities of this Mezcal is that it is distilled in a clay still equipped with a bamboo condenser. With breathtaking purity of expression, Minero is actually the scene of a titanic battle between the different components of its aromatic and gustatory palette. It was necessary for this to reach its Grail: serenity.

Profile: fresh and heady. Chlorophyll, mint, camphor and medicinal (balm). Peppery and lemony. Agave syrup. Walnut. Unmixed and distilled by families in tiny isolated villages in the state of Oaxaca, each mezcal is named after the village where it is produced. Undoubtedly, Del maguey can claim more than four centuries of tradition in its productions, almost obviously all certified “organic”.

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Appearance: colorless.
Nose: both fresh and heady. Fresh, as marked by notes of chlorophyll and mint; heady, because extremely camphoric and medicinal (balm). It finds its balance by gradually revealing a delicately peppery and lemony liqueur. A feeling of serenity and great purity emanates from this magnificent nose.
Palate: powerful, firm. With persuasiveness, she takes hold of the palate, coating it with a thin layer of agave syrup. The mid-palate is much more rustic and remarkably bitter (nut husk). Then, salt and pepper arrive in successive bursts to energize the finish. This evolves on stone fruits (apricot, peach).
Overall: long, concentrated. It displays both richness and subtlety. There too, you have to take your time to savor absolutely delicious agave hearts. The retro olfaction continues to make us taste the agave to the fullest by adding exotic fruits (pineapple). The empty glass is very finely lemony, peppery and salty.

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