Made from organic espadin agave hearts that are cooked on the ground for several days and then crushed using a mule-powered mill, Del Maguey mezcals are distilled in small copper and clay stills. This extremely rare version, 650 liters per year, was distilled a third time with white rice, local fruits (pineapple, apple…) while a chicken breast (pechuga) was suspended in the still. Extremely delicate in expression, the empty glass alone reinvents the world of Mezcal.

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Tasting Notes

: Rich, creamy. Like a sweet wine, it delivers both citrus (grapefruit, lemon) and ripe (pear, plum) and exotic fruits (pineapple). It evolves on spices (star anise) and camphor. This medicinal character is accentuated by notes of castor oil.

Palate : Both round and nervous. Fresh fruits (grape, gooseberry) are energized by notes of pure agave. Its “organic” character transpires through the crunchiness of its fruits. It evolves on aromatic plants (marjoram, thyme, savory). The agave that makes the peacock tail covers the taste buds a second time.

Finish : Long, endless. Agave is now in the background, salt has appeared, and fruits have become candied (apricot, fig, date). Delicately smoky, it shows a lot of minerality (lava, shale). The empty glass reveals chamomile and white mint.

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