COMPASS BOX ARTIST #11 Pentalogy Generosity


Scotland, Blended Grain – 51.9%, 70cl Limited edition of 630 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Produced from two Lowland single grains, on the nose, Generosity reveals enthralling medicinal, fruity, herbaceous, cereal and spicy notes. Continuing on seamlessly and with the same generosity and fervour, the flavour palette reveals wonderfully delicate honeyed, milky, creamy, exotic and chocolatey flavours.


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Colour: bright gold.

Nose: fresh and heady. On the first nose, medicinal (band aid), vegetal (green grass), vanilla and peppery notes appear alongside fresh fruits (pear, white peach). Allowed to breathe, aromatic plants (sage, verbena, rosemary) bring lots of energy and freshness to the aroma palette. Gradually, aromas of corn and wheat proudly proclaim their resemblance with bourbon whiskey. Finally, nutmeg fills the air.

Palate: elegant, distinguished. The rich and lively attack is a very subtle combination of vanilla, cinnamon, cut hay and William’s pear. On the mid-palate, acacia honey and chestnut cream softly envelop the taste buds. The end of the palate reveals noble spices (cardamom, clove), as well as milky (coconut) and lemony notes. Note that the flavour palette has become increasingly radiant and bright.

Finish: long, soft. In unison with the nose and palate, the start of the finish is vanilla, lush, fruity and spicy. With time, notes of dark chocolate, broad bean and courgette tempura feed an incredibly youthful finish. On the retro-nasal olfaction, exotic fruits (pineapple, banana, lychee) draw out the tasting. The empty glass is powdery (rice), slightly spicy (nutmeg), vanilla and milky (yoghurt).

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