It is always a renewed pleasure to taste this single malt produced by the Miltonduff distillery from 1964 to 1981. Impressive in life and freshness, this version reminds us in many ways of the magnificent Mosstowie 1973 from our Artist #2 range. Extremely complex, its aromatic and gustatory palette unfolds medicinal, spicy, honeyed, fruity, herbaceous, and smoky tones, the fullness of which is equaled only by its class.

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Tasting Notes

: Deep old gold.

Nose : Noble, elegant. Medicinal (tiger balm), spicy (black pepper, nutmeg), licorice and honeyed (acacia, lavender), the first nose is particularly voluptuous. With aeration, candied pears, raisins, beeswax, and jasmine perfumes take over the aromatic palette. Increasingly chocolatey and praline, it constantly gains in power. Walnuts, cane sugar, and chestnut scents provide a lot of nobility to the first step of tasting.

Palate : Fine, balanced. Very distinguished, the mouth attack is refreshed by flavors of chlorophyll, pine resin, and lime blossom honey. Pulpous, the mid-palate invites us to bite into sugar-filled fruits (grapes, pears, mirabelles). Gradually, almond milk and maple syrup spread over the taste buds. The aftertaste is slightly camphorated, smoky (incense), and herbaceous (rosemary, dried laurel).

Finish : Velvety, indulgent. Unveiling flavors of vanilla custard and crème brûlée, the beginning of the finish also reveals aniseed and infused notes (chamomile, green tea, gentian) of great beauty of expression. Remarkably fresh, the finish becomes progressively licorice and subtly woody. In retro-olfaction, cocoa beans, shoe polish, and eucalyptus scents accentuate the nobility of the taste palette. From the empty glass escape coffee beans and chestnut cream.

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