CHRISTIAN DROUIN 65 ans Pays d’Auge Conquête


After sixty years spent in barrels, the very classy oakiness of this exceptional Calvados du Pays d’Auge evokes the rarest tree species there are (rosewood, ebony). In addition, divinely fruity, its aromatic and gustatory palette not only reveals particularly nuanced and delicious apple flavors and aromas, but it also demonstrates an exoticism that goes well beyond the borders of Normandy.

Cooked apple, undergrowth, camphor, clove

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Colour: copper with green reflections.
Nose: Both waxy, empyreumatic (wood dust, incense, varnish) and divinely fruity (caramelized apple), the initial nose is also herbaceous (tobacco, lichen), liquorice and spicy (cinnamon, ginger). Allowed to breathe, it opens up with notes of beeswax, dried fruit (chestnut, chestnut) and candied orange. Gradually, the aromatic palette becomes more and more exotic (flambled banana, roasted mango). It also evokes a famous omelette flambled with Calvados.
Palate: Delicate, suave. Endowed with a very nice fruity acidity (apple), the attack in the mouth is marked by notes of ashes and old wood full of nobility. Alert, the mid-palate is made up of quartered apples from which flows a sweet and tangy juice. In the aftertaste, chocolate, empyreumatic flavors (eucalyptus, incense) bring a lot of class to the taste palette.
Finish : Long, sappy. At the start of the finish, notes of laurel line the back of the palate while crunchy apples take center stage. These apples release superb floral (lilac, lavender), gourmet (caramelized apple pie), honeyed (linden) and fruity (orange, apricot) flavors. In retro-olfaction, a thin layer of liquorice, candied ginger and Emery cloth gradually cover the taste buds. Evoking a Havana, the empty glass breathes religiously (incense, pencil lead).

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