49.9%, 50cl – Gin, England / Greater London

Created in a tribute to Ralph Dodd, its spiritual founder born 200 years ago, Dodd’s Gin features a floral, light personality characterised by stunning notes of juniper, cardamom and blackcurrant. The bottle’s design combines elegance and purity and features the year 1807, the date on which the ingenious Dodd was already predicting the future in the world of spirits. Made from a blend of two spirits distilled and flavoured separately, one in a small 140-litre copper column still called ‘Cristina’ and the other in a vacuum still known as ‘Little Albion’, this London gin is certified organic and has been made from juniper berries and bay leaf, angelica, cardamom, lemon and honey by the London Distillery Company in the heart of the capital since 2011.

Profile: cloves, nutmeg, florals (vetiver, geranium blossom). Black pepper and peppermint. Creamy, apricot yoghurt. Empyreumatic (ash, cypress).