Tequila Ocho

It took 8 years before this Agave field from the region of El Puertecito located in the North-East of Aguascalientes was ready for harvest. An exceptional 100% agave tequila.
Awards: Gold Medal. International Review of Spirits Awards, 2012


Produced by the 3rd generation of a tequileros family, Ocho Tequila is one of the rare to be made using tradional methods. It is the first Tequila which indicates the year of production and the exact field where the Agave plants have been grown.
Each lot comes from a different field or “Rancho”, which possesses its very own regional characteristics , because the producers has known for a long time that the Terroir has a significative impact on the Agave, the same way it has an impact on the grape in the wineindustry. The result is an alcohol of supreme quality, which accentuates the agave flavour which is exclusive to Tequila.

40%, 50cl – Tequila