Montelobos Joven is the result of one man’s vision and passion for mezcal, namely Ivan Saldana. Situated in Santiago Matatlan in the Oaxaca region, this distillery uses only the Espadin agave variety. This totally authentic and classic mezcal is very subtle and full of nuances; hints of earthy, almost peaty notes can also be detected. Its aromatic and lively palette is above all centred around the taster. From the onset, the initial nose sets the tone: lemony, salty and peppery. Then follows a delicate earthy note with delicious fragrances of agave. Spices become more pronounced (nutmeg, cloves). The palate is unmistakably earthy, almost peaty. A remarkably forthright mezcal that continues to intensify throughout the tasting experience.
Port Askaig

43.2%, 70cl – Mezcal, Mexico / Oaxaca