LEDAIG 11 ans 2005 LMDW Cellar Book 63,6%

LEDAIG 11 ans 2005 LMDW Cellar Book 63,6% 

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands-mull, 70cl, Ref: 54012

Distilled on 29 September 2005, this bottling selected for the Spirits Shop Selection stages a chameleon peat that is in turn vegetal, liquorice, earthy, lemony, lush, farmyard and maritime. Viscerally island-esque and constantly swept by a sea breeze, through its changing tides it invites us to breathe in deep lungfuls of extremely bracing iodine aromas. This is accompanied by a rousing trek in the surrounding countryside with an incredibly rustic aromatic and gustatory palette, before returning to the banks of Tobermory.

Profile: the deep initial nose reveals a vegetal peat and intense smoke. Brimming with sea spray and salt, once allowed to breathe it becomes more fruity (pineapple, pear) and at the same time more earthy and spicy. The taut attack is peaty and lush (sage). The mid-palate adds floral (dandelion) and chocolate notes. The well-balanced finish reveals a farmyard (straw, barnyard) and maritime (smoked fish) register. The empty glass is very peaty (sleet, fuel).

Single Cask no. 900106 – ex Bourbon

Limited edition

Exclusive to LMDW