KILCHOMAN 4 ans 2011 Caroni Cask Finish – 60th Anniversary LMDW 59,5%

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 70cl

This bottling, finished in a cask that previously contained Caroni rum, was produced with barley grown and malted at the Kilchoman distillery farm. It fearlessly and entirely appropriates all the aromas and flavours of this famous and rare Trinidad and Tobago rum in order to really bring out its profoundly malty, peaty, smoky, salty and mineral character. On the finish this 100% Islay Kilchoman shows stunning presence and elegance.

Profile: full and unctuous, the nose reveals a peat of extreme finesse burgeoning with salty, fruity (pear) and exotic aromas. A note of petrol highlights the influence of the Caroni. The palate centres more on the rum and its notes of hydrocarbon. The peat and smoke gradually resurface.

Single Cask no. 754/11 – Caroni Rum finish
Limited edition of 300 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW