WIDOW JANE Lucky 13 Single barrel #20100 Conquête


For our 2018 ‘Cellar Book’ Creation Catalogue, we selected two absolutely outstanding Widow Janes. Two just-as-impressive versions caught our eye again this year. The first is an impressively smooth bottling dubbed Lucky Thirteen 1 that, like Ariadne’s web, weaves powerful connections uniting the nose and palate.

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Appearance : coppery burnished gold.
Nose : full-bodied, pulpy. The deliciously fruity and rancio (orange, apricot, raspberry, blueberry), cocoa and spicy (turmeric) first nose develops notes of wax, exotic fruits (banana, persimmon), tiger balm and heady florals (reseda, freesia). Allowed to breathe, intense aromas of dark chocolate, ripe mango and conference pear create an invigorating transition. Gradually, fruit paste notes (kiwi, lime, raspberry, quince, apple) illustrate the aroma palette’s extreme concentration.
Palate : smooth, fleshy. Resembling a fig or lime jam, the attack is also tenderly chocolatey and spicy (ginger, cinnamon). The rich mid-palate is nourished by the fruit pastes revealed on the nose. This perfect osmosis between the nose and the palate is undoubtedly a highlight of the tasting. Coffee and cocoa beans gradually spread across the sides of the palate.
Overall : long, heady. Revealing countless elements, from iris butter to saffron, carnation, grated ginger, dried walnut, almond, dried apricots and more, the start of the finish boasts incredible richness. Fans will also appreciate the notes of carrot and courgette tempura that arrive right on time. On the retro-nasal olfaction, resinous, liquorice, spicy (pepper, ginger) and vanilla flavours highlight the quality of the maturation. The empty glass is empyreumatic (woodwork), rich (frangipane) and autumnal (chestnut, dried leaves).

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