VALLEIN TERCINIER Grande Champagne Rue 34 Antipodes


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Colour: deep orangey copper.

Nose: rich, concentrated. Covered in a fine layer of beeswax and varnish, the first nose is magnificently exotic (mango, persimmon) and apricot. Allowed to breathe, superb notes of Corinthian raisin, chocolate, bitter orange and lichen are elegantly placed on the surface of the aroma palette. With time, aromas of flowering lime blossom and toast fill every inch of the air.

Palate: dense, stately. On the attack, candied apricot, quince jelly and verbena flavours literally invade the palate. The mid-palate has lots of bite and is refreshed with freshly squeezed orange juice. The deliciously honeyed end of the palate (heather, pine) is slightly empyreumatic (burnt wood, apricot stone) and fruity (prune).

Finish: long, dense. The remarkably fresh start of the finish is characterised by notes of liquorice (stick), praline and spices (cumin, saffron). At the end of the finish, the oily and sweet flavours of a Havana cigar soak the taste buds. The retro-nasal olfaction is powdery (cocoa) and tertiary (almond, walnut). The empty glass eloquently recreates the humid and heady environment of an ageing cellar.

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Produced with grapes grown in the highly renowned terroir of Grande Champagne, this venerable Vallein Tercinier 80 year old reveals an oxidative character similar to a superb Madeira wine. With truly remarkable freshness and salinity, throughout the tasting it reveals fruity notes whose diversity are rivalled only by their intensity. Also with a delicious patina from a perfectly integrated wood, its palette of aromas and flavours takes us back in time with great passion and emotion.

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