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Inveterate provocateur John Glaser has decided to take at face value the situation which led us to cancel the 17th edition of Whisky Live Paris by creating This Is Not a Festival Whisky. Composed of four single malts and two single grains aged for a minimum of 15 years, this version is a blend of several casks. Combining a fresh expression and accomplished maturity, it wonderfully showcases the masterful work carried out by this ingenious creator for over 20 years. Throughout the tasting, note after note, we discover, dumbstruck in admiration, the blossoming of a truly inspired palette of flavours and aromas whose festive character finds no boundaries.
Profile: the refined and lively first nose is literally enchanting. With rare fullness, it is fruity (pear, pineapple), spicy (black pineapple), malty and mentholated. Allowed to breathe, a fine layer of soot and vanilla pod cover the aromatic palette. The precise attack is smoky, camphoric and salty. The mid-palate is spicy (clove), vanilla, herbaceous and medicinal (tiger balm). At the end of the palate, barley grains and maize roll across the palate, before the flavours become even more vanilla, mentholated and fruity (pear). The elegant start of the finish invites us to enjoy a delicious vanilla ice cream. The extremely spicy (ginger, nutmeg, cumin) finish is also honeyed (lime blossom), heady (iris) and infused (camomile).

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Appearance : vibrant gold.
Nose : refined, full of energy. The first nose is quite simply enchanting. With rare fullness, it is impossible to resist its profoundly malty, fruity (pear, pineapple, almond), spicy (black pepper) and mentholated character. The aromatic palette brings to a mind a venerable whisky. Allowed to breathe, a very fine layer of soot, as well as ash and vanilla pod gradually envelop the olfactory senses. Magnificently “old school”, the nose then becomes milky (coconut), herbaceous (cut hay) and medicinal (ointment).
Palate : clean, precise. On the attack, smoke, camphor and iodine take us to the edge of the sea to breathe in the air. The mid-palate is spicy (clove, coriander), vanilla, herbaceous and medicinal (tiger balm). At the end of the palate, grains of malted barley and maize literally roll across the palate. The palette of flavours then gradually becomes increasingly vanilla, mentholated, herbaceous (alfalfa) and fruity (pear, apple).
Overall : long, elegant. Inviting us to enjoy a delicious Madagascar vanilla ice cream, the start of the finish is also filled with stunning notes of ginger, nutmeg, sweet almond and lime blossom honey. At the end of the palate and on the retro-nasal olfaction, cinnamon and cumin add to the remarkably spicy register of the finish. The empty glass is medicinal, heady (iris) and infused (gentian, camomile).

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